59 Inch Artificial Rose Flower Garland Wedding Decorative Silk Rose Artificial Flower Vine

High Quality Earth Friendly Realistic 2.6m Green Artificial IVY Vine for Garden Decoration
Product Type High quality earth friendly realistic 2.6m green artificial ivy vine for garden decoration
Material PE
Colour Green
Total Length 2.6m
1.Everygreen 2.Eco-friendly:All of them are made of eco-friendly raw materials, non-toxic and odorless
3.Durability:Product lifelike, not easy to aging, not easy to deform, environmental protection products, to adapt to various places
4.Diversity:Variety of products, colours can be matched at will
5.Factory directly wholesale,has UV stabilizers
6.Unique shape and rich colors
7.Easy maintenance, don't need special caring and watering
8.Not affected by the natural climate
9.Natural look, easily to make the design of what you like
10.Decoration effect is lifelike
Hotels, cafes, balconies, restaurants, courtyards, ceiling, bars, parks, commercial streets, squares, auditoriums, entertainment venues, ecological gardens, residential courtyards, exhibition halls, supermarkets, offices, home and other occasions, beautify the environment, and endure.

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